Below is a list of add-ons (extensions) for RosarioSIS. Download them to add extra functionalities and customize RosarioSIS to your needs.
3 different types of add-ons are available:

  • Modules add new programs to RosarioSIS.
  • Plugins add new functionalities to existing programs.
  • Themes let you easily customize the look and feel of RosarioSIS.


Students Import module screenshot

Students Import

Import Students from a CSV or Excel file.
Easily bulk upload your Students database to RosarioSIS. Import Students info (general & custom fields), enroll them & eventually create accounts.
Premium module:
Import Addresses & Contacts (Father, Mother, Guardian…) + advanced features.

Staff and Parents Import module screenshot

Staff and Parents Import

Import Users from a CSV or Excel file.
Easily bulk upload your Teachers, Staff and Parents database to RosarioSIS. Import Users info (general & custom fields) & eventually create accounts.

Messaging module screenshot


Internal messaging system for communication between administrators, teachers, parents and students.

Student Billing Premium module screenshot

Student Billing Premium

Automatically add Monthly Fees and easily print Receipts.

Reports module screenshot


Generate (State) Reports for your School: perform calculations using your students and their data as variables; get student breakdowns.


PDF Header and Footer plugin screenshot

PDF Header and Footer

Define and add a custom, rich text header and / or footer to PDF documents generated by RosarioSIS.


WPadmin theme icon sets screenshot

WPadmin theme icon sets

This theme extends the default WPadmin theme providing:

  • 2 buttons icon sets
  • 4 module icon sets
  • 2 login screen background photos