Below is a list of add-ons (extensions) for RosarioSIS. Download them to add extra functionalities and customize RosarioSIS to your needs.
3 different types of add-ons are (will be :) ) available:

  • Modules add new programs to RosarioSIS.
  • Plugins add new functionalities to existing programs.
  • Themes let you easily customize the look and feel of RosarioSIS.


Students Import module screenshot

Students Import module

Import Students from a CSV or Excel file.
Easily bulk upload your Students database to RosarioSIS.
Import Students info (general & custom fields), enroll them & eventually create accounts.
Premium module:
Import Addresses & Contacts (Father, Mother, Guardian…) + advanced features.

Messaging module screenshot

Messaging module

Internal messaging system for communication between administrators, teachers, parents and students.

Reports module screenshot

Reports module

Generate (State) Reports for your School: perform calculations using your students and their data as variables; get student breakdowns.


WPadmin theme icon sets screenshot

WPadmin theme icon sets

This theme extends the default WPadmin theme providing:

  • 2 buttons icon sets
  • 4 module icon sets
  • 2 login screen background photos