This course is designed for those who have successfully completed Korean III and/or have greater normal exposure to the Korean language. Study of different Korean literary genres is continued with longer and in-depth materials. This is to refine the language skills of students and to work toward mastery, with the addition of a study of Korean proverbs and 4-letter words.

Korean Placement Test

The Korean Placement Test ensures that students will enroll in the course that best suits their level of ability and that students share similar knowledge in any given course level (Korean 1 ~ Korean 6)). It therefore helps make language classes an enjoyable experience for both the student and the instructor.

The basic process for taking the Korean Placement Test is the following:

1. Pay $350.00 using Paypal ($50.00 for a registration fee and $300.00 a semester credit course).Paypal accepts either a Paypal payment or a credit card payment.

2. Once your test result is reviewed by KECOS administrator to select the appropriate level of the course, the administration will notify you the level of the course and the class group.

Korean Language Course KOREAN 1 (LEVEL I)

Korean Language Course KOREAN 1 (Level II)

Korean Language Course KOREAN 3 (Level III)

Korean Language Course KOREAN 4 (Level IV)

Korean Language Course KOREAN 5 (Level V)

Korean Language Course KOREAN 6 (Level VI)