Email Alerts

Email Alerts module screenshot


The Email Alerts module let administrators setup alerts which are sent to their personal email when a certain condition is reached. Conditions involve students data like attendance (absences), grades, discipline referrals or balance. Periods (school year, semester, quarter, month, week, day) define the condition timeframe.

Send me an email alert when:

  • “Student reaches 10 Attendance records with value Absent during the Semester”.
  • “Student reaches Student Billing Balance with value -1000.00 during the Month”.
  • “Student reaches 5 Gradebook Grades with value ≤10% during the Quarter”.
  • “Student reaches 2 Final Grades with value ≤10% during the School Year”.
  • “Student reaches 3 Discipline Referrals with value Parents contacted by Teacher during the Semester”.

Note: Alerts are processed daily and sent only once per period, on the day the limit is reached (or the day after for “Day” period).

Note 2: Alerts must be created separately for each School. They are automatically rolled over each School Year.

On Windows, you can take advantage of the Email SMTP plugin to activate email sending.

Translated in French & Spanish.


Instant download after purchase.
Paypal accepted payment means: credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) & bank transfer


Copy the Email_Alerts/ folder (if named Email_Alerts-master, rename it) and its content inside the modules/ folder of RosarioSIS.

Go to School > Configuration > Modules and click “Activate”.

Requires RosarioSIS 4.5+


The Email Alerts module can be freely previewed in the online demonstration of RosarioSIS.
Note: Activate the module first if the “Email Alerts” program are not showing up in the Users sub-menu.


  • Author François Jacquet
  • License MIT