Email Students

Email Students module screenshot


3 programs will let you send Report Cards, Discipline Logs and Student Balances to students, directly from within RosarioSIS.


  • Automatically send Absence notifications, after X registered absences
  • Automatically send Birthday notifications
  • Automatically send Payment reminders (outstanding fees), X days before or after Due date

Additionally, teachers can notify students, directly from the Assignments program, when they add a new assignment.

On Windows, you can take advantage of the Email SMTP plugin to activate email sending.

Translated in French & Spanish.

Note: the Student email field must be set from the School > Configuration program.
Note 2: the Assignment notification will not work with the Mass Create Assignments program.
Note 3: to deactivate Assignment Notification, uncheck the “Can Use” checkbox for Teacher from the Users > User Profiles program.
Note 4: Absence notifications, Birthday notifications and Payment reminders are automatically sent once a day for each school, when you (or any admin user) log in. If notifications were not sent for a school, switch to that school using the left menu and reload the page.



Instant download after purchase.


Copy the Email_Students/ folder (if named Email_Students-master, rename it) and its content inside the modules/ folder of RosarioSIS.

Go to School > Configuration > Modules and click “Activate”.

Requires RosarioSIS 3+


The Email Students module can be freely previewed in the online demonstration of RosarioSIS.
Note: Activate the module first if “Email Students” sections are not showing up in the left sub-menus.


  • Author François Jacquet
  • License MIT