• Automatic Attendance

    This plugin will automatically take Attendance each day. Every course period will have their students marked as “Present” (or your default Attendance Code). You […]

  • Calendar Schedule View

    This RosarioSIS plugin adds the Schedule View to the school Calendar. Teachers, students can consult their personal schedule right from the calendar. Each school […]

  • Discipline Score

    This RosarioSIS plugin lets you track student’s discipline score. Decrement the discipline score from the Discipline > Add Referral form. Consult score from the […]

  • Email SMTP

    Send emails using SMTP instead of the default PHP mail() function. Having problems with RosarioSIS not sending emails? Use this SMTP plugin to fix […]

  • Google Social Login

    Google Social Login plugin for RosarioSIS. User login using Google as an external identity provider (through the OAuth 2.0 protocol). The user clicks the […]

  • iCalendar

    This RosarioSIS plugin adds an iCalendar (iCal, .ics) link to the Calendar. Synchronize your school events with your Outlook, Google, Thunderbird, Android (apps) calendar. […]

  • Iomad

    Iomad is multi-tenancy Moodle. This RosarioSIS plugin integrates Iomad with RosarioSIS. RosarioSIS schools are created as Iomad companies. See the Content section below for […]

  • LDAP

    LDAP plugin for RosarioSIS. Provides user and student authentication (login) using an LDAP server: OpenLDAP or Active Directory (Windows). LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) […]

  • PayPal Registration

    This plugin integrates Student self-registration / “Create Student Account” form with PayPal (student is enrolled on completed payment) and, optionally, Moodle LMS (account creation). […]

  • PDF Header and Footer

    This RosarioSIS plugin lets you define and add a custom, rich text header and / or footer to PDF documents generated by RosarioSIS. Pages […]

  • Public Pages

    Public pages for RosarioSIS. Publish your school info, events / agenda, marking periods & courses directory. Visitors who cannot log in can access this […]

  • Relatives

    This RosarioSIS plugin shows a listing of a student’s brothers and sisters (siblings) and parents. That is to say, students who are associated to […]

  • Setup Assistant

    This RosarioSIS plugin displays the Setup Assistant on the Portal. Each user profile, including students, is suggested some steps to follow. These steps help […]

  • TinyMCE Formula

    The TinyMCE Formula plugin simply adds a fx button to the TinyMCE (rich text editor) toolbar. Allows user to add mathematical equations and formulas. […]

  • TinyMCE Record Audio Video

    The TinyMCE Record Audio Video plugin adds audio and video annotations to text, anywhere TinyMCE (rich text editor) is present. This plugin adds 2 […]

Minor Plugins