RosarioSIS is what you make of it! RosarioSIS was designed to be free, free for you to use, share, modify & improve.
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Special thanks go to the community, everybody who has directly contributed to make or spread RosarioSIS.

Codebase legacy



  • Arabic (United Arab Emirates): Husam Shabeeb, Ali Al-Hassan.
  • German (Germany): Heike Gutsche.
  • English (Canada): RDH Associates Inc.
  • Khmer: Lyle Kozloff.

Other translations (36%) originally belong to the OpenSIS ML project.
Check the locale/ file for more information.



  • Version 1: Nuestra Señora del Rosario school, Colombia.
  • Accounting module: Bishnu Sharma, USA.
  • Email Discipline Referral: Hisham Abu Dawoud, Kuwait.
  • Student Assignments submissions: Whitesystem, Colombia.
  • Various enhancements (10): Aptiris, USA.
  • Custom Registration program: adapted from Centre/SIS 3, sponsored by @dpredster, USA.
  • Mass Create Assignments program: Sofia Private School, Afghanistan.
  • Various enhancements (5): Ali Al-Hassan, Saudi Arabia.
  • Various enhancements (2): Asian Hope, Cambodia.

Check the and files for more information.


  • Staff and Parents Import module: Ali Al-Hassan, Saudi Arabia.
  • Messaging module: Whitesystem, Colombia.
  • Email module: Microtec, Guatemala.
  • Reports module: adapted from original by Andrew Schmadeke (2006), sponsored by Roman Meier, Switzerland.
  • PDF Header & Footer plugin: Aquarelle private school, Gabon.


  • Larry R. C., USA.
  • Leonard B., Nigeria.
  • David Le B., Canada.
  • Mensweb S., Mozambique.
  • Joselyn S., USA.
  • George D., Nigeria.
  • Plataformas W., Dominican Republic.
  • Tamir S., USA.

Thank you,
François Jacquet