What is RosarioSIS and how can I use it to manage my school?

At, our plans are especially crafted for RosarioSIS, whether you choose the PRIMARY plan, which includes all community add-ons, or the PREMIUM plan which includes all the Premium add-ons. You get the best of RosarioSIS, that is a full featured Student Information System solution.

Student Info

  • No need to manually download and install and add-ons. Just activate them from the School > Configuration screen.
  • Always up to date: automatic upgrades and backups for your peace of mind and the security of all users.
  • Ideal for small to midsize institutions.
  • Privacy friendly and open source. No company led by profit or surveillance motives is spying on your activity.

Focus on 3 ways of using RosarioSIS, as a student (or parent), as a teacher or as an administrator.

Read more about RosarioSIS and try it: What is RosarioSIS and how can I use it to manage my school?

May 24 2022 11:13 AM

2000 installations!

Today we celebrate 2000 installations of RosarioSIS, or 2000 answers to the Installation Poll!

57% of installations are in production, which means more than 1000 schools use RosarioSIS as their school management software, thank you again!

29% decrease

The months of May and June 2020 accumulated 172 answers, while the months of May and June 2021 accumulated 122 answers.

This is a 29% decrease, so we are back to the numbers of year 2019, but yet with more schools in production (3% more compared to 2020).

What more?

From Mexico to the United States

Mexico was the most representated country last year, but now the first place is for the United States.

France is still the second country with most installations. Argentina disappeared from the top 10.

Installations for schools with more than 500 students have increased by 5% since 2020.

installation poll 2021-11 2000 installs

November 27 2021 03:00 PM

Rollover Guide PDF

If you have been using RosarioSIS for a year at your school, it maybe time to switch to school year 2021-2022. For this matter, you can refer to the Rollover Guide PDF.

You will learn how to transfer data and students to the next year and set 2021 as the new default year.

August 28 2021 06:04 PM

1000 installations!

Today we celebrate the first 1000 answers to the Installation Poll!

1000 schools have chosen RosarioSIS as their school management software (for testing or on production sites), thank you!

42% increase

The months of May and June 2019 accumulated 121 answers, while the months of May and June 2020 accumulated 172 answers.

This is a 42% increase!

July 21 2020 07:00 AM

What is CryptPad and how can I use it for my classroom?

At, we loved CryptPad so much we decided to offer it as part of our PREMIUM plan. In association with RosarioSIS you have a complete SIS/LMS solution.

CryptPad apps

  • No need to switch between accounts: your apps in the same place.
  • Collaboration: chat and set access permissions for each document.
  • Ideal for student groups, projects and presentations.
  • Encrypted, privacy friendly and open source. No company led by profit or surveillance motives is spying on your activity.
  • Compared to Moodle, CryptPad is easy to deploy and manage: no account needed!

Focus on 3 apps for educators and students: the Whiteboard, Text editor, and Kanban apps.

Integration with RosarioSIS is simple: share the link to your pad.

Read more about CryptPad and try it: What is CryptPad and how can I use it for my classroom?

June 3 2020 06:13 AM

Installation Poll snapshot

Here is the RosarioSIS Installation Poll snapshot, accumulating 1 year of installations.

Installation poll snapshot

To sum up:

- there is 1 new school using RosarioSIS in production each day.

- English, French and Spanish (Latin America) speaking countries are most represented.

- most schools are run by Private organizations.

- 2 thirds of the schools report having less than 500 students.

May 1 2020 07:11 AM

How schools use our software

Here are infographics showing RosarioSIS usage statistics taken from the Installation Poll.

RosarioSIS schools usage statistics infographics 2019

October 16 2019 10:08 AM

Solve and Import your Timetable with FET

At the start of each school year, administrators are faced with a problem: generate the timetable for the whole school. This, done by hand, represents a complex task taking days to meet every constraint.

It is like solving a big equation where variables are classrooms, teachers, subjects, student sections plus time constraints for each of them.

FET, like RosarioSIS, is free software that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. It is specialized in Timetabling. It solves your constraints and generates your school timetable based on the classrooms, teachers, subjects and student sections you have entered.

Now, how can we import this timetable into RosarioSIS? The Timetable Import module will let you import CSV timetable exports from FET. After import, RosarioSIS will be all set with Course Periods for the new school year.

August 16 2019 08:45 AM

Free speech assistant

The new Mozilla foundation project, Common Voice, allows anyone with a microphone to record his voice reading short sentences.

This to build a free database (CC0 license) which will allow to build free speech recognition tools.

Nowadays, only tech giants provide this technology: Siri (Apple), Cortana (Microsoft) and Google Now (Google), but this essentially serve their economic interest, not ours.


December 27 2018 11:15 AM

RosarioSIS vs OpenSIS

A brief forking history

Here is an infographic comparing two open-souce and free Student Information Systems, namely OpenSIS and RosarioSIS.

OpenSIS vs RosarioSIS compare infographic 2018

November 27 2018 03:11 PM

Smartphone addiction

Your smartphone has you, do the test and see how much you are addicted:

Tackle notifications hell, time-consuming games and videos…

Healthy tips and advices to have a phone you control, not the other way round!

May 7 2018 12:58 PM

School blackboard ABC chalk desk books

Hosting your free Student Information System, soon!

We’re preparing a new hosting service: affordable plans crafted for your school.

Subscribe now at & receive exclusive offers!

June 5 2017 02:35 PM

Curious fact about RosarioSIS

Curious facts about RosarioSIS

As of today, and as far as we know… RosarioSIS is

- Used in 20 countries

- Popular in India and Latin America

- Translated in 6 languages

- Downloaded 20 times a day

Visit us at!

February 21 2017 11:33 AM



RosarioSIS now has a forum! This space is dedicated to discussing about school administration and RosarioSIS use.

January 31 2017 12:20 PM

Helpful Tips for RosarioSIS

Download and consult the new Helpful Tips PDF here. Learn how to remove a student, master student search, among other tips for the administrator.

January 12 2017 10:23 AM