Automatic Attendance

Automatic Attendance plugin screenshot


This plugin will automatically take Attendance each day. Every course period will have their students marked as “Present” (or your default Attendance Code).
You can also use this plugin to manually take missing attendance for past school dates. For this, click the “Take missing attendance” link when on the plugin Configuration screen.
The plugin runs once every day on a per school basis, after the configured hour.
If you use RosarioSIS in a multi-school setup and you notice there is still missing attendance for a school, just switch to this school using the left menu and reload the page using the F5 key.

Translated in French & Spanish.



Copy the Automatic_Attendance/ folder (if named Automatic_Attendance-master, rename it) and its content inside the plugins/ folder of RosarioSIS.

Go to School > Configuration > Plugins and click “Activate”.

Requires RosarioSIS 6.8+


The Automatic Attendance plugin can be freely previewed in the online demonstration of RosarioSIS.


  • Author François Jacquet
  • License Gnu GPL v2