Tips & Did you Knows

First things first, get and read your RosarioSIS user manual.

RosarioSIS as Android & iOs app: use Chrome or Safari’s “Add to homescreen” menu.


  • Parents can consult their child’s absences and grades in real-time.
  • Parents are alerted when their child’s food service balance is getting low.


  • Students can view their upcoming assignments in the Calendar.
  • Setup polls for your students to rate their teachers at the end of school year (School Setup > Portal Polls).
  • Students can easily print their time table (Scheduling > Print Schedules).
  • Your school restaurant / cafeteria chef can post the menus (Food Service > Daily Menus).


  • Teachers can only access the students in their class.
  • Teachers can print facebooks at the beginning of school year to visually remember students (Scheduling > Print Class Pictures).
  • When taking Attendance or entering Grades, teachers can pass the mouse over the student’s name to see his photo.
  • Teachers can only take attendance within a certain number of days before and after the school day (School Setup > School Configuration > Attendance).
  • Teachers can set default points to their Assignments, for easy grade taking.
  • Teachers can enter an asterisk (*) in the gradebook to excuse a student (Grades > Grades).
  • Teachers can easily share their comments on a student (Students > Student Info > Comments tab).
  • Teachers can set their own grading scale if allowed (Grades > Configuration).


Consult the Helpful Tips for RosarioSIS PDF.

  • Administrators can easily limit the visibility of Portal Notes to students or teachers only.
  • Embed Youtube videos or attach Word / Excel documents to Portal Notes, for better communication with students.
  • Get the upcoming birthdays list in one click (Students > Advanced Report).
  • Be notified of new discipline referrals when you login.
  • Medical folder: track visits and immunizations for each student (Students > Student Info > Medical tab).
  • Easily create new fields and tabs to track psychological information for example (Students > Student Fields).
  • New profiles can be created, for example for the school nurse to only access the Medical profiles of students (Users > Profiles).
  • To create Parent accounts, you have 3 options:
    • Create accounts manually (Users > Add a User, select “Parent” as Profile).
    • Activate the “Create User Account” functionality (in School Setup > School Configuration). Parents can then create their own account. You will have to manually activate their account (first created with the “No Access” profile).
    • Create Parent users using the student contacts (see Students > Student Info > Addresses & Contacts tab). You can do this using the Students > Create Parent Users program.
  • Manage more than one school (a school district), with shared teachers, all within the same instance of RosarioSIS (School Setup > Add a School / Copy School).
  • You can create multiple calendars, each one with its own school days. You can then associate the right calendar to distinct course periods or categories of students.
  • RosarioSIS can handle a school calendar made of numbered days. For example, with a school week of 3 days (day 1, day 2, day 3).
  • RosarioSIS is flexible: you can setup Marking Periods to have 4 semesters and 12 quarters.
  • You have a course that runs only on certain days, without a weekly pattern? Block periods instead of classical school Periods can be setup (School Setup > Periods). Then, just select which days has the block in the Calendar. Finally, a course period can be associated to that block.
  • Keep track of credit hours of each course and display them in the Transcripts (Scheduling > Courses).
  • Write personalized letters to students in bulk within RosarioSIS, ready to print!
  • Print year wide attendance summaries to easily spot problems of absenteeism (Attendance > Attendance Summary).
  • Add your own fields to the Find a Student screen (Users > My Preferences > Student Fields).
  • Easily group students to later schedule them by group:
    • add a “Group” field via the Students > Student Fields program.
    • Assign the groups in bulk via the Students > Group Assign Student Info program.
    • Add the “Group” field to the Find a Student screen via the Users > My Preferences > Student Fields program
  • Let Students add their own Class Requests: check the “Can Edit” box for the Scheduling > Requests program in Users > Profiles.
  • Self registered students are not automatically enrolled, yet they cannot login. You can enrolled them in group using the Students > Group Assign Student Info program. After having Included Inactive Students in your search, fill in the Attendance Start Date this School Year field.
  • Administrators can easily share links within the Resources module.
  • Any module you do not use can be deactivated (School Setup > School Configuration > Modules).
  • If your students already have an ID or number, RosarioSIS can let you enter it when adding a new student (Students > Add a Student).
  • Password lost? You can change the password of any user or student at any time.
  • Requisites to generate Report Cards:
    • Each course period must be associated to a grading scale (see Scheduling > Courses > Course Periods options).
    • Teachers must post final grades (see Grades > Input Final Grades). To calculate the final grade as the assignment grades average, click the “Get Gradebook Grades” link.
    • Teachers are allowed to post final grades within specific dates (see School Setup > Marking Periods).
  • Students Rollover is based on:
    • Rolling / Retention Options (see Students > Student Info > General Info tab).
    • Next Grade (see School Setup > Grade Levels > Next Grade column).

Server Administrator

  • You can upload all the students photos at once, directly in the assets/StudentPhotos/[school_year]/ folder. Just name the photos this way: 1.jpg where 1 is the student ID.
  • Frame pictures can be uploaded to the assets/Frames/ folders to illustrate Honor Roll certificates.
  • Food Service icons can be uploaded to the assets/FS_icons/ folder to illustrate Menu items.
  • Rebrand RosarioSIS: replace RosarioSIS logo with your logo. Go to the assets/themes/WPadmin/ folder and replace the logo.png image file with your logo.
  • Cannot install wkhtmltopdf? Pages will be output in HTML. Still, you can generate a PDF using your browser’s Print functionality. In Firefox, go to File > Print > Print to File and select PDF as Output format.
  • Translate RosarioSIS: want to change that american english term for the one used in your locale? Create a new translation based on the locale/en_US.utf8/rosariosis.pot file and only change the terms you need.