Tips & did you knows

First things first, get and consult your RosarioSIS user manual.

RosarioSIS as Android & iOS app: use Chrome or Safari’s “Add to home screen” menu.


  • Parents can consult their child’s absences and grades in real-time.
  • Parents are alerted when their child’s food service balance is getting low.


  • Students can view their upcoming assignments in the Calendar.
  • Setup polls for your students to rate their teachers at the end of school year (School > Portal Polls).
  • Students can easily print their timetable (Scheduling > Print Schedules).
  • Your school restaurant / cafeteria chef can post the menus (Food Service > Daily Menus).


  • Teachers can only access the students in their class.
  • Teachers can print face books at the beginning of school year to visually remember students (Scheduling > Print Class Pictures).
  • When taking Attendance or entering Grades, teachers can pass the mouse over the student’s name to see his photo.
  • Teachers can only take attendance within a certain number of days before and after the school day (School > Configuration > Attendance).
  • Teachers can set default points to their Assignments, for easy grade taking.
  • Teachers can enter an asterisk (*) in the gradebook to excuse a student (Grades > Grades).
  • Teachers can easily share their comments on a student (Students > Student Info > Comments tab).
  • Teachers can set their own grading scale if allowed (Grades > Configuration).


Consult the Helpful Tips for RosarioSIS PDF.

Consult the guide to pass from one school year to the next: Rollover Guide PDF.

  • Administrators can easily limit the visibility of Portal Notes to students or teachers only.
  • Embed YouTube videos or attach Word / Excel documents to Portal Notes, for better communication with students.
  • Get the upcoming birthdays list in one click (Students > Advanced Report).
  • Be notified of new discipline referrals when you log in.
  • Medical folder: track visits and immunizations for each student (Students > Student Info > Medical tab).
  • Easily create new fields and tabs to track psychological information, for example (Students > Student Fields).
  • New profiles can be created, for example, for the school nurse to only access the Medical profiles of students (Users > Profiles).
  • To create Parent accounts, you have 3 options:
    • Create accounts manually (Users > Add a User, select “Parent” as Profile).
    • Activate the “Create User Account” functionality (in School > Configuration). Parents can then create their own account. You will have to manually activate their account (first created with the “No Access” profile).
    • Create Parent users using the student contacts (see Students > Student Info > Addresses & Contacts tab). You can do this using the Students > Create Parent Users program.
  • Manage more than one school (a school district), with shared teachers, all within the same instance of RosarioSIS (School > Add a School / Copy School). Creating various schools is especially recommended if you manage more than 1000 students because RosarioSIS will not list more than 1000 students at once.
  • You can create multiple calendars, each one with its own school days. You can then associate the right calendar to distinct course periods (Scheduling > Courses) or students (Students > Student Info). Example setups:
    • Grade Level based: 1 calendar per grade level associated to the corresponding students and course periods.
    • Ad hoc courses / training: 1 main calendar with every possible school day associated to students; 1 calendar per course / training session.
    • Custom / on demand courses (mentoring): 1 main calendar with every possible school day associated to course periods; 1 calendar per student.
  • RosarioSIS can handle a school calendar made of numbered days. For example, with a school week of 3 days (day 1, day 2, day 3).
  • RosarioSIS is flexible: you can set up Marking Periods to have 4 semesters and 12 quarters.
  • How to create next school year? It is not possible to add a new year using the School > Marking Periods program. Instead, you should use the School > Rollover program. It will transfer data to the next school year, and promote students to the next Grade Level. After Rollover, you will notice the new year in the dropdown, on the left menu. Select it to change the working year.
  • Students Rollover is based on:
    • Rolling / Retention Options (see Students > Student Info > General Info tab).
    • Next Grade (see School > Grade Levels > Next Grade column).
  • You have a course that runs only on certain days, without a weekly pattern? Block periods instead of classical school Periods can be setup (School > Periods). Then, just select which days have the block in the Calendar. Finally, a course period can be associated to that block.
  • Keep track of credit hours of each course and display them in the Transcripts (Scheduling > Courses).
  • Write personalized letters to students in bulk within RosarioSIS, ready to print!
  • Print year wide attendance summaries to easily spot problems of absenteeism (Attendance > Attendance Summary).
  • Add your own fields to the Find a Student screen (Users > My Preferences > Student Fields).
  • Easily group students to later schedule them by group:
    • Add a “Group” field via the Students > Student Fields program.
    • Assign the groups in bulk via the Students > Group Assign Student Info program.
    • Add the “Group” field to the Find a Student screen via the Users > My Preferences > Student Fields program
  • Let Students add their own Class Requests: check the “Can Edit” box for the Scheduling > Requests program in Users > Profiles.
  • Self registered students are not automatically enrolled (unless you check the “Automatic Student Account Activation” checkbox (School > Configuration)), yet they cannot log in. You can enrol them in group using the Students > Group Assign Student Info program. After having Included Inactive Students in your search, fill in the Attendance Start Date this School Year field.
  • Administrators can easily share links within the Resources module.
  • Any module you do not use can be deactivated (School > Configuration > Modules).
  • If your students already have an ID or number, RosarioSIS can let you enter it when adding a new student (Students > Add a Student).
  • Password lost? You can change the password of any user or student at any time.
  • Requisites to generate Report Cards:
    • Each course period must be associated to a grading scale (see Scheduling > Courses > Course Periods options).
    • Teachers must post final grades (see Grades > Input Final Grades). To calculate the final grade as the assignment grades average, click the “Get Gradebook Grades” link.
    • Teachers are allowed to post final grades within specific dates (see School > Marking Periods).
  • Split Report Cards or Transcripts PDF: if you need individual PDF files for each student, you can split the generated PDF pages using free online tools at PDFCandy.
  • Add general comment for each Marking Period to Report Cards: How to add comments to the Report Card that are not tied to a single Course Period, but rather a global comment for each student?
    • Create a new Student Field category called “Marking Period Comments” (Students > Student Fields).
    • Add a field of “Large Text” type per graded Marking Period. For example, name it “Semester 1 Comments”.
    • Then, enter comments under the “Marking Period Comments” tab (see Students > Student Info).
    • Finally, select the field in the “Substitutions” list and paste its code inside the “Free Text” editor (Grades > Report Cards). The comments now appears below the grades list on each Report Card.
  • Admissions: whether you want to process admissions online or offline, RosarioSIS can help you keep track of the process. Online, you can already take advantage of the “Create Student Account” form and the Students > Registration program. Why not also creating an additional “Admissions” or “Application” school, so you can keep records of students? This way, you do not mix those with actual students. You can get the most out of the Student Info existing tabs. Also, you can later easily enroll the ones who get through your process in to the right school.
  • Alumni: want your alumni to keep access to their past year records? Create an “Alumni” Grade Level and set the Next Grade to “Alumni” too. Your alumni will be able to access RosarioSIS until you drop them.
  • Your browser window is less than 1024px wide but you still want regular list display? To disable responsive list layout, add &LO_disable_responsive=Y to the URL.

Server Administrator

  • You can upload all the students photos at once, directly in the assets/StudentPhotos/[school_year]/ folder. Just name the photos this way: 1.jpg where 1 is the student ID.
  • Rebrand RosarioSIS: replace RosarioSIS logo with your logo. Go to the assets/themes/WPadmin/ folder and replace the logo.png image file with your logo.
  • Cannot install wkhtmltopdf? Pages will be output in HTML. Still, you can generate a PDF using your browser’s Print functionality. In Firefox, go to File > Print and select Print as PDF.
  • Translate RosarioSIS: want to change that American English term for the one used in your country? Create a new translation based on the locale/en_US.utf8/rosariosis.pot file and only change the terms you need.